Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Five Star Hotel Road Trip Getaway Justification

"Alas, the internet may be of little use to certain people who might look out for budget hotels. Because rarely do these hotels advertise thru the net. But if you are game for a “star” hotel, the internet is much more than handy. You get complete details about facilities, sometimes even the tariff, location, accessibility etc. You can zero in on your choice quite comfortably. But while on this, do make it a point to note down the check out times. That makes a HUGE difference, equivalent to a days rent for no reason. If you resort to weekend getaways less than once a quarter, then hey go for a “star” hotel. Enjoy the comforts. You deserve it man!! And yes! DO check the kind of meals being served there. This might be a point of consideration for many people." - ganeshb (Review On: Planning A Road Trip: go for a star hotel!)

OK, you convinced me. This weekend instead of staying at cheap motel, I'll enjoy my weekend at a 5 star hotel since I never find the time to get away. Thanks for your logic. Now I have a rational for blowing a bunch of money on an expensive suite!


vhanded said...

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Sestri said...

I needed the email tutorial too! I didn't have mine listed cause I didn't want a bunch of spam. Thank you!