Friday, February 23, 2007

Cinderella Castle Dream Vacation

I hope I can still win this contest: When You Wish Upon A Star Vacation Contest. It's named after my favorite song and I get to stay at a castle! These "dream-makers" giveaways are suppose to be happening once a month and I can't find where to sign up for them.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Five Star Hotel Road Trip Getaway Justification

"Alas, the internet may be of little use to certain people who might look out for budget hotels. Because rarely do these hotels advertise thru the net. But if you are game for a “star” hotel, the internet is much more than handy. You get complete details about facilities, sometimes even the tariff, location, accessibility etc. You can zero in on your choice quite comfortably. But while on this, do make it a point to note down the check out times. That makes a HUGE difference, equivalent to a days rent for no reason. If you resort to weekend getaways less than once a quarter, then hey go for a “star” hotel. Enjoy the comforts. You deserve it man!! And yes! DO check the kind of meals being served there. This might be a point of consideration for many people." - ganeshb (Review On: Planning A Road Trip: go for a star hotel!)

OK, you convinced me. This weekend instead of staying at cheap motel, I'll enjoy my weekend at a 5 star hotel since I never find the time to get away. Thanks for your logic. Now I have a rational for blowing a bunch of money on an expensive suite!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I could be hanging out with Jack Nicholson

Sign Me Up!
I know that he is old but he is so awesome!
I always stop and read lifestyle articles like Vacation with the Stars: Where Hollywood goes to Relax hoping to hear about a cool place I've never heard of before but they always talk about the same places over and over - Fiji, Cypress, ect... Man, celebrities are boring!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

what does this quote inspire you to write?

Quote for Feb 20 Daily Meme
Dancing in all its forms cannot be excluded from the curriculum of all noble education; dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words, and, need I add that one must also be able to dance with the pen?
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

I'm glad it's a Nietzche quote.

My simple response: I guess now we dance with the typewriter and the words have become computer code.

The quote that struck me more was the one when you kept reading the How To Play section:
"We rarely quote nowadays to appeal to authority ... though we quote sometimes to display our sapience and erudition. Some authors we quote against. Some we quote not at all, offering them our scrupulous avoidance, and so make them part of our "white mythology." Other authors we constantly invoke, chanting their names in cerebral rituals of propitiation or ancestor worship."
-- Ihab Hassan, U.S. critic. repr. In The Right Promethean Fire (1980)

This spoke so much to me. It said "you'll never pass your GRE because you don't know the meaning of 'sapience', 'propitiation', or 'erudition' ". I've never heard the term "white mythology" before either. So I study.

Wikipedia on sapience: "Robert Sternberg [1] has segregated the capacity for judgment from ordinary meanings of intelligence, which is closer to the sense of clever than to wisdom." So just cause you past judgement on something, doesn't mean it is wisdom. If you pass judgement on something, you may be viewed as unintellegent by those who are wise ("Good judgment in making decisions about complex life or social decisions is a hallmark of being wise.").

Wikipedia on erudition: literally means "not rude"; "An erudite person will gain insight on particular subjects directly through books and study, rather than by following a course or scholarship in the subject." What's more interesting is the article on "Logical Rudeness" in which "The question of this essay is whether erudition can always be achieved, or rudeness avoided, by honest, logical, good faith inquirers for truth." I'll revisit this later because it will help me explain to people who have a tendency to be unintentionally rude the actuality of the situation instead of offending them by telling them they are rude.

Wikipedia on propitiation: "In Christianity, Propitiation is a theological term denoting that by which God is rendered propitious, i.e., that 'satisfaction' or 'appeasement' by which it becomes consistent with His character and government to pardon and bless sinners."
It's strange because I related the two previous terms to the type of dialog created by some very religious Christians. Their haste in dialog has disabled them from properly communicating with people who don't think like them about almost any subject. They don't have desire to understand other people, only god. All that stuff about loving their brother and enemy doesn't mean they have to listen to them or understand them. They can't trust in God to help them remain positive through a discussion, validate another person's ideas, and show love to their brothers/enemies.

White Mythology is not on Wikipedia but a couple of articles are written on the subject: Derrida, "White Mythology," Metaphor and Perspective - Landa and 'White Mythology' Revisited: Derrida and His Critics on Reason and Rhetoric - Harrison
The latter article has a direct quote from the original document.
"Metaphor . . . is determined by philosophy as a provisional loss of meaning, an economy of the proper without irreparable damage, a certainly inevitable detour, but also a history with its sights set on, and within the horizon of, the circular reappropriation of literal, proper meaning." - Derrida
In that case, modern dialogue is an evolving detour of proper meaning.

Club Mom is not just for Mom's

I'm guilty of reading parenting sites like Club Mom and just for ideas around the house and life. I always end up going to these from friend's posts, browsing around, and finding lots of information that can apply to anyone.

Here's what Erika wrote in the Quick Getaways Section:
"I buy plastic party tablecloths in different colors at the dollar store and make sure we keep at least one in the car. When the weather permits, we pick up a couple of sandwiches and have a spur-of-the moment picnic. A mini-party on a budget — with no cleanup!"

Not only have I experienced an inpromptu picnic but many other inpromtu experience have come from things I keep in my car. I never seem to have enough napkins though. I need to work on that.

Monday, February 19, 2007

gotta get away from paying for haircuts

Exclusive to Superdrug, get a Special 2 for 1 offer on a deluxe haircut, makeover and photoshoot in either London, Birmingham, Manchester or Cardiff. Look a million dollars for just £39.

I entered the superdrug star getaway and didn't win. :(

Now I have to go payfor my own super star haircut at a super star price.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A*STAR Young Researchers is awesome

The A*STAR Young Researchers Attachment Programme aims to attract, nurture and groom youths from around the world, to create a multi-national R&D hub in Singapore.
The programme provides support for Upper Secondary and Pre-university studies at top Singapore schools and Junior Colleges. Outstanding scholars may further pursue their Undergraduate studies and PhDs under A*STAR's support.

School & Hostel PlacementScholars will be placed in one of the top Secondary Schools/ Junior Colleges for their education when they first arrive in Singapore.
Hostel accommodation is provided for all Secondary/ JC scholars. Scholars will have access to study, recreational and laundry facilities. Hostels generally provide 2 meals a day, with special provisions for Muslims and scholars who are vegetarians.
Bridging CoursesShort courses in English and Mathematics are conducted for selected scholars to help them prepare for the Singapore curriculum.
Assimilation ProgrammesOrientation and assimilation programmes (eg Buddy system, Host Family Program) ensure that there will be help at hand for new scholars.
Host Family ProgrammeYRAP scholars will be paired with A*STAR researchers or staff to provide them with mentorship and guidance, as well as to help them experience local culture through interaction with host families.
Research InternshipYRAP scholars will also have the opportunity to gain research exposure through internships at the A*STAR Research Institutes during school vacation.
How to Apply
YRAP scholars are identified from existing pools of ASEAN, School-based and A*STAR India Youth scholars. Interested students from India are encouraged to apply to the A*STAR India Youth Scholarship.

*School-based scholarship applications are invited through nominations only.
A*GA Scholarship Officers:Lim Chin TeeRebecca Sim

" The past June holidays were beyond my expectations. Instead of my average holiday of homework, books and movies, I spent my time in the laboratory (for my A*STAR research attachment) and was introduced to a whole new world of science. Though tiring, the experience opened my eyes to a broader perspective of thoughts and allowed me to get to know new friends. I regard it as one of the most enriching holidays I have ever had."Sophia Susanto, 2005 A*STAR YRAP(ASEAN) Scholar
"I have learnt not just knowledge that one can acquire from books, but also knowledge which can be gained only through experience. I sincerely look forward to the next few years of my stay in Singapore." Rajarshi Maiti, 2005 A*STAR India Youth Scholar

" My friends and teachers are very friendly and kind. Staying here makes me recognise that while I have the best family at home, I also have another great family here in Singapore!"Le Ngoc Phuong Lan (middle), 2005 A*STAR-NUSHS Scholar

Learn more about Thuy Tram, our 2003 NSS(BS) scholar and 2004 Chairman's Honours List recipient!

article originally posted here: Holidays Can Be Educational and Fun for Astar Young Researchers